"Sahaja Culture emanates from the Spirit, and is absolute and universal. It is developed through meditation, and creates behavior that expresses our inner relationship with God. A person enriched in Sahaja Culture is calm and relaxed, and yet alert but not rushed. Such a meditative state creates joy, and a dramatic feeling of beauty and oneness."

                                                                                                                                               --Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Society is in great need of a culture that enriches the spirit and nourishes the soul, particularly in these modern times when the world is full of chaos and confusion. Never before have there been so many people in a society, seeking spiritual fulfillment and inner peace. The ancient practice of Sahaja Yoga, is a simple method to form this union. As the spirit discovers spiritual union with the all-pervading infinite, it is fulfilled and emits a tangible vibration of love and peace, giving contentment to the soul.
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Mission Statement
Sahaja Culture is formed as a non-profit charitable organization, to foster, develop, appreciate, and bring ideals to mainstream society, that express and create a culture of spiritual values. Culture of Eternal Values will open centers of Sahaja Yoga meditation that are free and open to the public, where anyone may discover their higher purpose, and will be supported by charity and other activities. CEV will uphold the highest ethical standards, and will support all forms of non-profit activities that will directly develop a culture of the spirit, and develop eternal value for humanitarian benefit.

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Sahaja Yoga is a simple meditation technique to receive your self-realization. With the process of awakening your inner spiritual energy, you will learn simple techniques on how you may continue the practice of meditation at home. Programs and Classes are offered Free of Charge to anyone who may wish to discover the peace within.
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