The Third Advent, 2003

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The Third Advent proposes and describes a new category of perception which balances, heals
and connects us to the primordial power life itself. It takes the prophecies of a 12th century
Italian mystic, Giacomo Di Fiore, who saw that there would be three great ages in the history of
religion, the Age of the Father, said by the author to correspond to the time from Lord Krishna
through to the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the Age of the Son, from the advent of Jesus to the
present time, and The Age of the Mother, i.e. The Third Advent, that of the divine mother, is a
history of the last 6000 years in which the author shows why the great religions, philosophies
and economic systems of the world have all failed to bring about the emancipation of the
human race.

He goes on to show that it is only through individual transformation that mankind can make the
changes necessary to save itself and thence the earth itself. The Third Advent presents a
message of great hope, that through the unique discovery of en masse Self-realization through
Sahaja Yoga, at individual, corporate and collective levels, the goals intended by the great
religions, i.e. the emancipation of the entire human race, can be achieved.

Our world is in turmoil - undoubtedly a reflection of the complex imbalances that afflict every
level of global society - and many fear that mankind doomed to failure. Yet, in The Third Advent,
the author contends that we are on the threshold of a complete transformation, that
individually we can change the core of our being and hence the world itself.